Atam Academy

(previously known as Seva School Ilford)

A Message from the Proposers

Atam Academy (previously known as Seva School Ilford) will be a community led project bringing outstanding education to our children encompassing the underlying ethos of the Sikh Faith.

Atam Academy is focussing on meeting the needs of children, parents and members from the Ilford community. We want the Local Authority and the Government to support us through the Free School process.

We have formed a partnership with the Slough Sikh Education Trust who have set up and run the Khalsa Primary School Slough (an outstanding voluntary-aided Sikh Faith School) and recently opened Khalsa Secondary Academy, Stoke Poges, South Bucks.

Our new all-through school will improve local educational opportunities by providing a high-achieving all-through free school for Ilford and surrounding areas, based on the same principles as Khalsa Primary and Khalsa Secondary Academy, Stoke Poges, South Bucks.

The proposer group represents a variety of skill sets. We include directors of large companies, accountants, engineers, professionals, local parents and educational experts.

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Frequently asked Questions


What curriculum will the school offer?
Atam Academy will offer an enhanced academic National Curriculum where all students will be expected to aspire to at least the English Baccalaureate and the majority will achieve far more. All students will have the opportunity to study inspiring Music and PE courses, in the enrichment curriculum. 

Are children of other faiths or no faith welcome at Atam Academy?
Yes. The Sikh Faith is emphatic in respecting all faiths and does not seek to convert. The Atam ethos seeks to help all students on the path to self-discovery, social responsibility and self-discipline.

What faith education will students receive?
Sikh students will follow courses in Sikh Studies and Panjabi to enable them to understand and follow the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. Other students will have the option to do these courses if they wish or can follow a range of other exciting courses during this time. All students will study the five main faiths in RE lessons.

Will Atam Academy be a selective school?
No. The school will be an inclusive non-fee paying school with no entrance examination. 50% of the places will be offered to Sikh faith children from Ilford and surrounding areas. The other 50% will be offered to children not of the Sikh faith from Ilford and surrounding areas.

A new school for Ilford and Surrounding Areas

Our aim is to create a high achieving , non-selective school in Ilford, which will follow the principles and values of the Sikh faith. We will offer an academic education on par with the finest schools in the UK, open to all and without the barriers of relocation or fees. Subject to approval by the Secretary of State we intend to open the Primary phase in September 2015 and Secondary phase in September 2016, growing the school year on year.

We aspire to provide a full range of educational opportunities for students from all backgrounds, both Sikh and non-Sikh. In addition to ensuring the best possible academic results for all individual students, we will develop their personal and social qualities so they become good world citizens.

We believe that an all-through free school with our values and standards will prove popular with both parents and students of Ilford and its surrounding boroughs (including Newham and Barking & Dagenham), by offering a choice that these students do not presently have.

Our Vision


Atam Academy aims to provide an exceptional academic education and encourage a passion for life-long learning. But, more than this, following the Sikh way means working to the best of your ability with honesty, integrity and self-discipline. This is what we inspire our students to do.


Atam Academy will foster all aspects of personal development and encourage students to take a life-long journey of self-discovery. The principles of Atam Academy will support students in undertaking this journey towards purity of spirit by self-reflection and meditation.


Atam Academy will inspire students to share their future skills, knowledge and income with those in need, with love and charity and without discrimination.

Atam Academy will be a happy and inclusive school, where students of all faiths and none are respected and supported. The Sikh faith is emphatic in respecting all beliefs, and does not seek to convert.

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